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Friday, July 8, 2016

Creationist Ken Ham vs. atheist and evolutionist PZ Myers

Quote of atheist  and evolutionist PZ Myers:
Ken Ham is bragging about his web traffic, and it’s rather pathetic.

Oooh. Millions are big numbers. But just to put it all into perspective, some random low-ranking non-entity of a godless college professor in the most rural part of Minnesota gets about 25-30 million visits per year, and yeah, it’s growing every year. And his site links regularly to AiG, meaning a lot of the visitors to Ham’s precious empire are there to laugh at him.

Alexa ranking of Freethoughtblogs which is owned by PZ Myers

Alexa ranking of Answers in Genesis website

Ken Ham's website (the Answers In Genesis Website)  now has a greater Alexa ranking than PZ Myer's website.

If only PZ Myers didn't think he was random and there was a special purpose in his life. Then he might be more purposeful and intelligent in his web marketing strategies.

If only some atheist in the past built an enormous wooden structure in the past that PZ Myers could replicate and draw enormous crowds with. But atheism is boring and always will be.

 Ark Encounter video